Who We Are

North Thurston Education Foundation is committed to removing barriers, enhancing learning, and enriching lives for students in the North Thurston Public Schools (NTPS) community. As an independent, non-profit partnership of community members and NTPS, we have been empowering students since our incorporation in 1989.

Education is the cornerstone of a bright and prosperous future. Many students face financial barriers that hinder their academic journey. We seek grants and donations to provide financial assistance in the form of Student Assistance Grants to students in NTPS, ensuring that they have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

As part of our commitment to nurturing academic excellence, we offer Scholarships to graduating seniors, opening doors to higher education, empowering students to pursue their dreams and creating a promising future.

Through our Learning Improvement Grants, we offer competitive mini-grants for classrooms, fostering innovation and creativity in teaching methods.

We understand that transforming lives goes beyond the classroom. We actively collaborate with the community, businesses, and parents to create a supportive network that celebrates student achievements and champions the value of education in our society.

The North Thurston Education Foundation, Partners for Kids, is an independent, non-profit partnership of community members and North Thurston Public Schools (IRS EIN 91-1433235).  We are an all-volunteer Board of Trustees with a paid Executive Director.