In appreciation, the Foundation recognizes community and district partners who nurtured and supported the organization over the years:


Dr. Roy Pedersen, Dr. John Gott, and Dr. Sue Shannon conceived the idea of a non-profit educational foundation to serve students and schools in the North Thurston School District in 1986.

A Task Force conducted a feasibility study in 1988. Judy Bergvall, chaired the Task Force; members included Ken Balsley, John Brown, Karen Lundahl, Hertica Martin, Ken Parsons, Mike Pastore, Cam Sherwood, Earlyse Swift, Barbara Schneider, Ward Tappero, Judy Wilson, and students Amy Wusterbarth and Marta Lowe.

Original Board of Trustees

Judy Bergvall, president, Charles Boyns, John Brown, Barbara Dittrick, Gene Dolan, Nader Ghafoore, Lynda Heusman, Lela Kriedler, Gene Liddell, Ken Parsons, Barbara Scheider, Lloyd Stewart, Ward Tappero, Judy Wilson

Officers for the first year of operation, elected January 1990

Ken Parsons, President, Lela Kreidler, Vice President Resource Development, Gene Dolan, Vice President Awards and Disbursements, Duke Watson, VP Resource Management.

Foundation Presidents

  • Judy Bergvall, Initial Board of Trustees, 1989
  • Ken Parsons, 1990-1992
  • Alan Corwin, 1993-1996
  • Katie Collins, 1997-1999
  • Judy Berg, 2000-2002
  • Thelma Mosebar, 2003-2004
  • Paul Garrett, 2005
  • Jon Halvorson, 2006-2007
  • John Mansfield, 2008-2010
  • Carletta Garraway, 2011 to 2017
  • Blake Knoblauch, 2018 to present

Other long-term board members

Many long-time members and supporters have supported the Foundation from its beginning; others have served many years.

From the beginning Judy Wilson, Ken Parsons, Gene Dolan provided guidance and support. Members of the Board of Trustee are limited by the by-laws to three terms of three years each, or nine consecutive years. The Foundation thanks the following Trustees who completed nine years of service: Judy Bergvall, Judy Berg, Katie Collins, Ian Edlund, Jon Halvorson, Sam Hunt, Robyn McLean, Carol Merritt, Thelma Mosebar, Ken Parsons, Judy Wilson, Alan Corwin, Cindy Coble, and Tom MacRobert (total of 9 although not consecutive).

A well-placed testimonial about the Foundation’s work pays dividends

Unsung heroes Bill Bergquist, a local CPA, and Irene Clise, retired high school librarian deserve recognition for their help in identifying the Foundation to potential donors. They told colleagues and friends about the work of the Foundation, which resulted in major donations in 1994 and 2006: The Violet Davies bequest for $225,000 and the John and Opal McGimpsey donation of $700,000 for Student Assistance Grants contributed over three years.  



  • BECU
  • Beverly J. Benner Estate
  • Ron and Carol Busche
  • Cooper Moss Advanced Dentistry
  • Alan and Robin Corwin
  • Fisher Jones Family Dentistry
  • Fred Meyer – Lacey Store
  • John Gott
  • Hawks Prairie Rotary Foundation
  • John and Gloria Kuula Estate
  • Young Hak Lee, U.S. Martial Arts Center
  • John and Opal McGimpsey
  • Nisqually Indian Tribe
  • Frank Parker Estate
  • Ken Parsons
  • Rotary Club of Lacey
  • Sue Shannon
  • TwinStar Credit Union
  • Stuart and Carol Vannerson
  • Venture Bank
  • Lewis and Edna Hawthorne Trust
  • Sandra Hill Estate
  • Washington State Taekwondo Foundation

To recognize donors, in perpetuity, who made gifts of $2,000 or more in a single donation beginning in 2005. Thank you.

Individual and corporate donors are recognized in the annual report. Donors receive acknowledgment of their gifts for IRS purposes. Gifts to honor or in memory of anyone are recognized with acknowledgments to the family.