Stories of Impact


We recently were able to help a family with their cable bill and received this note: My partner recently lost a job he loved and I’ve taken the full financial responsibility for my family, which was very unexpected. I don’t have any family members or people in my life who are able to help financially and the bills started to pile up. The cable bill is usually one of the less “important” bills but I am obligated to a contract with the company, and the outstanding balance was growing larger. With the help of NTEF, I was able to pay off the balance, which relieved an enormous amount of financial pressure. Angels come in all forms and that day, you were mine. I am so thankful for the help!”

*Before COVID-19, the Foundation did not help families pay cable/internet bills as it fell into the “non-essential” category. However, now that most students are attending school online, cable/internet has moved to an “essential” category, and we help families on a case-by-case basis.