Board Member Spotlight: Erik Naslund, VP, Wealth Strategies Advisor Heritage Wealth Strategies

1. How did you first get involved in NTEF?

I was invited by a current Board Member to attend the 2018 Annual Meeting. After of hearing all the ways NTEF supports kids in our community I was immediately inspired to become involved.

2. How do you enjoy spending your free time?

We have a young family with boys ages 2 and 4; you will usually find us working in our yard, at a local park, community event or camping for a long weekend.

3. How do you believe the community can best support the work of NTEF?

Join Us! NTEF represents an opportunity for members of the community to improve the educational opportunities, quality of life and future for thousands of young people in our community. Whether you have time to volunteer, experience to share or financial contributions to make; the kids need you.